Medical Video Production Beverly hills - Keith Solomon Productions
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Medical Video Production Beverly hills

Medical Video Production Beverly hills


There’s a reason why Keith Solomon Productions was chosen to do the medical video production for Beverly Hills-based Caster Eye Center. Dr. Andrew Caster, the most renowned Lasik surgeon in the USA, and named best opthamologist in America for 12 years in a row, with 30,000 procedures under his belt, chose us because our high-quality production values exude confidence and trust. 


All of our video productions hold the potential patient by the hand, virtually guiding them through the procedure and showing them how comfortable and relaxed they will be. Our medical videos will make you seem like a superhero; each production clearly demonstrates to the curious potential patient the desired outcome of your particular medical service. 


In an age of staid, generic video production, our team will work with you to come up with a highly creative strategy that will help your practice stand out from the competition. Along with crystal-clear, high definition visual quality, your patients will learn the essential details about your practice, and how they will be treated with the utmost respect. 


Impactful medical videos for your practice will require a team effort. Before “lights, camera, action,” we will sit down with you and conceptualize a winning strategy. In fact, at Keith Solomon Productions, we adhere to the motto, “90% Before We Step On Set,” meaning that the overwhelming majority of creating a stunning medical video presentation involves the pre-filming strategy. Although our team of producers are creative, your feedback and collaboration will be instrumental in the production’s success. 


We invite you to examine our portfolio of corporate and medical video productions for Beverly Hills and Los Angeles businesses. And we would be more than glad to put you in touch with client references. 


To your success!