Promotional Video Production Culver City - Keith Solomon Productions
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Promotional Video Production Culver City

Promotional Video Production Culver City


When you need a promotional video for your Culver City business that will separate you from the competition, what should you look for?


If you’re serious about earning a healthy return on your investment, quality and experience matters. That’s why many businesses in Culver City choose Keith Solomon Productions.


Our portfolio speaks for itself, as does our client testimonials. Any film student can pick up a video cam or an iphone and start shooting. But to create a successful promotional video, 90% of it is the pre-shoot strategy. We will meet with you and learn everything there is to know about your business, your goals and your vision before shooting begins.


We will provide you with a concrete timeline and work with your budget to create a video that will compel potential customers to call or visit your location or take further action.


Obviously, being in the center of the film universe, you have lots of choices for your promotional video production needs in Culver City. Unfortunately, many explainer and promotional videos are created in the same generic style. To large production companies, you’re just a number. But with Keith Solomon Productions, your video will be produced with incomparable creativity and attention to your needs. In an ever-increasingly competitive marketplace, the only way to blow away the competition is to create a memorable promotional video.


Generic might be better than no video at all, but it’s not going to create enthusiastic customers, clients, or patients that keep coming back.


High-Quality Yet Affordable Promotional Videos For Culver City Businesses


At Keith Solomon Productions, we realize small businesses have limited budgets to work with. But one reason we have become one of the most respected promotional video companies in LA is because we can get really creative with your needs and vision and still come through for you with an entertaining video that won’t break your bank.


We encourage you to browse our commercial video productions and we’d be more than happy to provide you with client references.


To your success!